What I Seek

  1. Celtic web art –  I’m specifically looking for animated
    gif art of Celtic knot-work.
  2. References and documents about the family Ohmstede for
    family tree project. Specifically references to a Martin Ohmstede
    born appx 1907 northern Germany in the area of Ovelgone, Germany.
  3. A Casual co-author for works of fiction – story lines – possibly for publication some day.
  4. A good re-work of my logo design replacing the mane with
    Celtic Knot-work, animated gif if possible…. For this I’m willing to negotiate a cash bounty.
  5. A buyer or trader for a set of Marvel Star Wars comic books
    (107 + 3 annuals and extras) all in Very Fine to Fine condition.
    Write me for details.