A Little About Myself

  • I earned my Masters Degree – MBA UT – Arlington, 1993
  • I’ve been making chainmail and jewelry since about 1986, and , yes, I’ve just about made everything you can think of but prefer to make armor for the most part.
  • I’m still working on an extensive family tree at the moment, a long-term continuing project. I’m currently back to appx 1706 and hope to find more church documents to go back farther.Take me to My Search page
  • I earned my Eagle Scout award in 1983 in BSA troop 505 and still find this educational experience one of my most useful.
  • I got into making chainmail armor and assembling my own PCs because I could make it better and or cheaper than I could afford to buy off the shelf. I’ve also found that it’s the only way to get great quality and understand whatever it is you’re making.
  • My current favorite author is S.M.Stirling with his “Island in the Sea of Time” and “Dies The Fire” series. Dean Koontz is my old standby with “Dark Rivers of the Heart”.
  • I was born in Germany and came to the US in 1971. I grew up in Baton Rouge, LA and moved to the Dallas area in 1986.
  • I have a dream of planning and being a big part in building my next and possibly last home and having it be self sufficient except for telecommunications utilities. Building may start soon after my daughter leaves for College some years from now. Planning and dreaming are both well underway. The hoped for outcome will be the Orlando Disney Wilderness Lodge meets Tuscany and Greene & Greene Craftsman style in a managable one story.
  • In June 2011 divorce proceedings commenced for a number of different reasons I won’t go into here and are due to conclude, finally, in mid February, 2012 after a long difficult struggle to agree on a final decree. I am moving on with the support of friends & family and feel it is for the best for my daughter & myself. I have a bright future ahead of me and await the freedom to pursue that future whole-heartedly.